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Moodle LMS – Just What is MOODLE?

Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment 

Moodle provides a flexible environment for learning communities

Moodle is an open source course management system. Yes, it’s free (no licensing fees) and is all over the world by many different sized organisations. It can be scaled for different user sizes; large universities or single classrooms. It’s very flexible and allows for different styles of courses.

Moodle is really easy to put your course onto and to track participants and where they are on the course.  You can enable different discussion spaces and also private areas.  There are a lot of features to explore.

Moodle started its life as being very strong but a little bit basic for what a lot of people are after.  As the community has grown Moodle has been continually updated and is now an option for many people moving over from proprietary software.  In May 2012 Moodle had over 60’000 registrations.

Collaboration, classroom activities or single student learning, you name it, everything is possible. I highly recommend giving Moodle a go – especially if those licensing fees are getting to you.

Check it out here:

This is a short summary of Moodle, check out my post on ‘What is an LMS’ where I use Moodle as an example

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2 Responses to Moodle LMS – Just What is MOODLE?

  1. Ignatius Tran December 27, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    I have been using Moodle since 1.5 years and have even used other LMS too but non have been better than Moodle. I like Moodle as it is fast, reliable and the main thing is low cost which one always looks for.

  2. Thomas Wyatt December 27, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    The Moodle flip has a lot of elements. You could just quickly convert them on and of as needed. Moreover, one could make part prevents for special offers, information, hyperlinks and so much more.

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