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The Ultimate Guide for e-Learners on Home Workplace Organization

The fact is, e-leaning demands self-organization. Being online students, we should concentrate on time-management and productivity, as they are among key factors of our learning success. E-learners study at home, and here comes the #1 problem they face: Home atmosphere distracts from studying. Every single detail impacts us at home, and that’s why a good […]

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ICT Education and UNESCO

UNESCO role of ICT in achieving lifelong learning for all End of May saw a gathering of development agencies and other global education decision making types (key stakeholders, Member States) at the World Education Forum in Incheon, in the ROK (Republic of Korea – South Korea). Why am I writing about this? This declaration included […]

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Essential eLearning HTML

We all like to set up our webpages as easily as possible but sometimes things just don’t work. The video isn’t showing, the link isn’t opening properly, everything has just gone crazy… Here’s some commonly used HTML to help easily format your page. – it’s not a complete list, if there’s something you use all […]

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The History of Distance Learning and the LMS

Author: Ashok Sharma LinkedIn Bis Training Solutions LMS   What is a Learning Management System? A learning management system is a software-based platform used to administer courses, manage training, track results, and more. Typically with the help of learning management system we can easily create, deliver content, monitor participation, and assess the performance.   Below […]

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