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Active and Passive Online Learning

Just because your course is online doesn’t mean that learners simply sit and watch a video. Yes, the lecture hall style of online learning is out and fun, interactive, meet other cool people and remember the point of learning is IN.  Find out more about active and passive online learning.


video-chatting-business-cartoon-characters-vector_fygp71_OWhat is ACTIVE LEARNING and how can this be used online?

Active learning is when the learner is engaged through reading, writing, talking, online chatting, reflecting and doing activities.  Recording and posting activities is the most active and engaging!  A combination of several of these techniques works best. Active learning supports using learned skills and ideas to help cement knowledge (yes – like cement you build a house with!).

Online active learning can be connecting with other learners, using online discussions, answering instructors questions, and doing activities that stem from the learning . The best thing is that learners can connect with other learners who have similar ideas and help stimulate the learning process and perhaps even remain friends afterwards.


What is PASSIVE LEARNING and how can this be best used online?presentation-office-character-vector-illustration_G1ES6Rvd

Passive learning is generally sitting and listening and taking notes. If you’re like me this is how most of my university occurred – (and yes, I did start to fall asleep in a few lectures!). You get from one lesson to the next by studying afterwards and reading everything you need to know to take the exam.

Passive learning can be good to convey information that is then followed up with active learning. Your e-learning video sets the scene, gives information and helps guide students. Then this can be followed up by a discussion or an activity or with other materials.

Think about how to get the learner thinking rather than just learning for an exam.


It may be easy to film a video but it’s fun to get people to engage!



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