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Best Grammar, Editing and Proofreading Tools Everybody Should Know About

Here are the SIX BEST EDITING AND PROOFREADING TOOLS that you need right now.

Having trouble with grammar or struggling with how to write a sentence?  Check out these tools below.

Thank you to Veronica Hunt for writing this article for eLearn Hub.

Best Grammar, Editing and Proofreading Tools Everybody Should Know About IMAGE

Grammar and spelling mistakes in your texts make you look ignorant or careless – neither of these characteristics is positive for your work and professional growth. Don’t you think that high-quality content is just about inventing a good topic for targeted audience, finding enough materials, creating a draft, and tailoring a final text? There is just one thing which is equally important: proofreading. Nothing improves the quality of your content more than removed grammar errors! Luckily, there is a great number of editing tools online to help you clean up your content. Here they are.



Ginger is an extension of Google Chrome and a free application for your content check. To start the process, you just have to sign up, copy-paste your text into the field, and click the button. After that, the app will give you suggestions about the mistakes you have got there.  To help you fix them, Ginger will correct the wrong spelling, suggest sentence rephrasing, and give you some tips about orthography. If it finds too complicated sentences in your writing, the app offers you to break them into parts. Ginger offers special features like punctuation checker, grammar checker, spell checker, and essay checker.


Grammarlygrammarly icon

Grammarly has an advanced algorithm of checking content and this is why this program is that popular and well-known among people who work with texts. It catches more than 250 types of errors and gives clear suggestions about how to clean everything up. Grammarly understands when you are using “its” and “it’s” as well as “you’re” and “your,” which makes it reliable. To improve your writing with the help of Grammarly, you have to upload or copy-paste your content into the system. You can use it for business texts (emails, reviews, presentations, etc.), academic papers and other professional documents.

There is only one small issue with Grammarly – it is paid. Of course, it has a free version, but this one is not very helpful. Using a free version, you won’t get any information about your mistakes or ways to remove them, but only the statement of the fact that you actually have them.


Hemingway AppHemingway icon

Hemingway is more commonly used for text analysis. The aim of this application is to check your text, highlight the areas that require your attention and inform you about the level of content readability. It rates your text and shows you whether it is difficult to understand. To check your text you have to insert it into the system and Hemingway will start a check after you press the button. After that, you will see which areas need to be rephrased, which sentences are too complex, and passive voice that needs to be removed. The application gives you suggestions on how to fix these issues. The good thing is that Hemingway doesn’t ask you to get rid of all passive voice, but suggest a maximum acceptable number of these constructions. There are free and paid versions: a free one is for online use, and a paid one is for a desktop version.

PaperRaterpaper rater

PaperRater is an online tool to check and proofread your copy. As well as the other editing tools, it gives you suggestions about spelling, grammar, and style, but in addition PaperRater rates your writing for the word choice, sentence style, vocabulary, etc. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker, and other options writers may find useful (like confused words quiz and vocabulary builder). You can select options like type of paper, checking terms, and education level. These options are especially helpful for students.


If you have enough free time and inspiration not only to check your copy but also to analyse it in detail, use SlickWrite. It checks your copy for errors and analyses it for passive voice usage, adverbs, wrong prepositions, filler and uncommon words, etc. If you want to check your own writing progress to learn how you improve your skills with time – you are welcome to ask SlickWrite for help and advice. The best thing about this tool is that it detects mistakes and gives you comments on them to let you study them out, not only remove them. This will help you define and remember errors you commonly make to keep them in mind. In short, you can not only make your texts better but also learn something important about them. Evaluation is a good thing for every writer!

Proofreading tools are designed to make the editing process less painful. Use them for your copies and do your best to improve your skills! If you have any favourite editing or proofreading tools – feel free to share them in the comments.


Veronica Hunt is a true edtech expert,  blogger and freelance content manager at The App Solutions. Follow Veronica on Google+ and Linkedin


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