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What is GIMP – The Answer To All Your Image Prayers

GIMP a free graphics program, but is it the answer to all your image prayers?   Ever wanted to play around with images using professional tools? Perhaps you have a great photo of yourself but the background just isn’t appealing?   Do you want to try drawing online or drawing over the top of other […]

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What is Ubuntu? – a FREE operating system

If you’re looking at this you must be interested in Ubuntu/Linux/some kind of open source software. Ubuntu is a free open source operating system. It is FREE, you can get it off the Internet, and there are no licensing fees – YES – NO licensing fees. Free to use and free to share with your […]

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What is an OER & Why would I Use One?

OER, or, Open Educational Resource is a term used to describe educational materials that you find online and are free to use, re-use and share. This is made possible by using open licenses (as opposed to proprietary licenses). What does this mean? When you find something that you want to use for your teaching/instruction or your […]

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Moodle LMS – Just What is MOODLE?

Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment  Moodle provides a flexible environment for learning communities Moodle is an open source course management system. Yes, it’s free (no licensing fees) and is all over the world by many different sized organisations. It can be scaled for different user sizes; large universities or single classrooms. It’s very flexible and […]

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