How to crop an image using GIMP

GIMP is an open source image manipulation program similar to photoshop. GIMP is open source and free to download. Some feedback I’ve had is that people find it easier to use than photoshop.


Here’s how to crop an image using GIMP. For how to cut out an image check out this post.


1. Open your image in GIMP. I’m using this image of a lizard on a bench.


It looks like this 

I want it to look like this 


2. Click on the crop tool. It looks like this    you can find it in either the toolbox on the left hand side pop up, or, in the drop down menu. Tools>Transform>Crop


You’ll know its activated because the mouse will now look like the tool icon.


3. Click the mouse in the top left hand corner of the area you want to crop. Drag the mouse towards the bottom right. A rectangle will appear, this is the area to keep.

The area outside of the rectangle will be deleted on the finished image. You can resize the rectangle by dragging on the edges.

Remember, you can always undo. Dropdown menu edit>undo


5. If you want a square crop tick the Fixed: Aspect ratio in the Tool Options box on the pop up on the left hand side. Make sure the ratio is 1:1. The crop will appear as a square.



6. When you’ve got the perfect crop click inside the selected area. You should now be left with what you selected. Easy!




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