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Digital Storytelling Animoto

This post was originally written for #etmooc

This could be one of my favourite topics.  I have been working on a story book for awhile now, about a group of fun colourful characters.


Aside from teaching through stories encouraging students to tell a story back to you is a very strong method to round off the learning process.  It not only uses technical and practical know-how but also engages the content that the student has been learning by communicating it back to others.  This could be a massive project or something relatively simple. The student solidifies the learning process by presenting the information back, it’s practical and can also be lots of fun.  This method of relaying information back works across all age ranges.

A good tool to use to expose students to storytelling technology is Animoto.

Animoto is SUPER easy to use, using images, words and music it creates a collage/video of your information.  You simply load images onto Animoto’s template, you can add text and sound, depending on the subscription you have (free or paid) you can use different features. The free version is often enough.

Remember though, this is just a tool and you want to be using it to achieve a goal.  So plan the message that you want people to deliver and create the story or meaning through the images.

Here’s a short, very simple, Animoto I put together on Bangkok fruit markets.  This was for an introduction assignment for a group of school students (10 – 12 years).


Animoto Bangkok fruit markets

Make a video of your own at Animoto.



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  1. shalini March 26, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

    Good blog on story telling digitally. I have a blog regarding The Impact of Storytelling in Training. This you may find helpful. Have a look on it.

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