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Filtered – easy workplace learning offers online courses in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint these help train people for different workplace needs. However, what makes Filtered special is that it is learner-centric, helping choose learner levels and needs by applying a series of ‘filters’.

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Have you ever bought a textbook for a course but only used a third of the book, the rest of the material being irrelevant?

Filtered takes this situation and turns it on its head by asking you a series of questions (filters) to establish exactly what you need from a course then tailoring the course to suit the individual. Learners can review the suggested content and add or take out whatever suits their needs.


fitlered filters


Filtered doesn’t have a linear learning structure. Users can jump around between learning materials. If the units build upon each other you do have to answer a short four question quiz to move onto the next unit. The quiz is designed to support the learner and reinforce the learning.

Filtered also has downloadable exercise sheets. You can work on these offline at your own pace.


Filtered has an approachable and easy to use interface, similar to an app with a sidebar set up.


The target audience for Filtered is quite broad. People who want or need to learn about best ways to use different documents for a workplace environment or for research.



Give it a go, have fun learning!






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