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An easy and simple explanation of gamification and how it can be used


More and more gamification is being integrated into workplaces and learning frameworks. But what really is gamification and how do we easily and successfully use gamifcation?



Gamification OR as I like to think of it, ‘game-i-fication’, is integrating ideas from game theory into our everyday working and learning lives. This draws on people’s sense of competition, achievement and self-expression.


Teachers, instructional designers, managers, website designers … you name it … everyone is looking at some form of integrating gamification. Why? Because it encourages engagement and keeps people coming back wanting more. A bit like when you can’t stop playing a game.



– uses rewards often through points, badges, levels, incentives for achieving a goal

– encourages participation and interaction

– gives helpful and encouraging feedback

– can be challenging AND competitive

– is active

– is FUN


When you’re gamifying your course or workplace make sure you:

– Create achievable goals. If it’s too easy OR too difficult people loose interest

– Rules, there should be guidelines

– Give feedback. If the goal wasn’t reached give feedback with encouragement


It can be as simple as giving rewards, or incentives, for different stages. The rewards then counting towards an overall goal. Perhaps you get rewards for completing a task or giving feedback and contributing.


Many elearning courses are using this rewards system but you can see it is a more commercial use on websites such a Trip Advisor. Participants who contribute to the Trip Advisor website get ‘trust’ points. The more a member has contributed the higher their ranking.


At a daily workplace you can have workplace competitions, they can be fun and encourage teamwork.


In a sales team I work with I create topical engaging games. Recently we had a Masterchef game where incentives was the chance to gain names of food items/ The best (or most creative) meal at the end was the winner. Masterchef encouraged sales and people had lots of fun.


Try gamification. Any questions give me a shout.





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