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What is GIMP – The Answer To All Your Image Prayers

GIMP a free graphics program, but is it the answer to all your image prayers?


Ever wanted to play around with images using professional tools? Perhaps you have a great photo of yourself but the background just isn’t appealing?


Do you want to try drawing online or drawing over the top of other images?


There are many reason to want to play and experiment with manipulating images but the problem is finding a decent program that lets you do this without spending a lot of money.


I’ll tell something that is not at all top secret. The open source community develops many different programs that are similar and better than programs you could pay hundreds of dollars for. SourceForge is a good place to explore these programs.


GIMP is a great starting point to using open source software. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and might be thought of as the ‘open’ equivalent to Adobe’s Photoshop. GIMP however, is available to tech-savvy developers to explore the back-end (code that makes the program) to develop and improve.


More importantly for not so tech savvy people GIMP is non-proprietary and is completely FREE to download and use.


On this website there is support to use GIMP to cut out images and also to make simple GIF animations.


Here’s where you would go to download GIMP. This website also has plenty of tutorials and support. You can also find many tutorials on YouTube. GIMP is available for Microsoft, Mac and Unix platforms.


What does GIMP really do?


I’ll try and compile some of the things you can use GIMP for but because there are so many different tools this list will be incredibly incomplete. Sometimes you need to thing outside of the square and use GIMP as the tool and your use imagination to produce the final product.


retouching photos

playing with images

as a paint program


composing headings

cutting out images

pasting images and words together

creating layers

using alpha channels

file converter

rotating, scaling, flipping, cropping, re-sizing


Below is what GIMP looks like when you first open it up.  You can see different tools and functions on both the left and right sides of the screen.  Along the top is a menu bar with dropdown menu options.





Download GIMP, take some tutorials, have a play around and before long you’ll be wondering why you were considering paying a small fortune for a similar product.


Any hot tips on using GIMP?  Share them below.


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