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Help, GIMP isn’t working! Here’s what to do…

GIMP logo 2015You’re in the middle of an amazing edit on an image and suddenly nothing seems to to working.

Here’s the top 4 tips to get GIMP working perfectly again.

***The most important thing to remember is to always be saving. SAVE YOUR WORK. Easier said than done, right?


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1. Check if anything is selected

Have you got dashes or marching ants around anything on the screen?

You might not be able to see if something is selected on a different layer and in a small place.

GIMP showing selected image

On the top menu click ‘select’, then, ‘none’.

GIMP showing select none1

Note: If you are trying to select then press ‘Select All’.


2. Are you on the correct layer?

You might be trying to do something to an image but GIMP isn’t working because a different layer is highlighted.

You need to highlight the layer with the image you want to use.

GIMP showing layers

Click on the layer you want.

That layer should now be highlighted, usually in orange.

GIMP showing different layer highlighted

This brings the image to the front, although you won’t see any difference in the image.


3. Have you got a floating layer?

Check your layers box for a ‘floating layer’, or, ‘floating selection’ – they’re the same thing. This is usually from copying and pasting, the newly pasted item shows as a ‘floating layer’.

GIMP showing floating selection

The easiest way to fix this is to anchor the layer (make it like a normal layer).

To do this either:

– Give the layer a name: double click on the writing next to the layer, write your new layer name in the space, then, press ‘enter / return’.

GIMP showing layer with new name

– Go to the Layers box, then click, ‘Anchor Layer’.

GIMP showing anchor button


4. Try the ‘Ctrl‘ button

The control button on your keyboard ‘Ctrl’ can be a magic button when using GIMP. If you can’t move a layer or a function isn’t working, press Ctrl and use your mouse as usual.

ctrlThis may just be the magic key!


REMEMBER: press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Z’ together to undo any step you have taken!





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