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How to know an online course is a good online course?


graduationHave you ever wondered if a course is really a good online course?  Ever looked at a course and thought the price and the promise are too good to be true? How do you know if an online course that you are paying for is really worth the money.


With so many individuals and organisations offering courses online it can be confusing to know whether the course is truly a good online course.  There are some best practices when it comes to checking out a course.  Read through these five tips on what to look for and you’ll be able to distinguish the bold from the beautiful.


1. Regular log in. Good courses will require you to log in and make contact on a regular basis throughout duration of the course. You can’t leave all your learning until the last weekend.


2. How often do you interact with the tutor and others on the course? Find out how often the tutor will interact with the student. This will differ depending on the course but the best instructor led courses will give you regular feedback and require you to check in and interact regularly. MOOCs have a different structure and they are not dependent on being instructor led, they encourage self-motivation from students and encourage the students to interact and share ideas with each other.


3. Is there extra support? This could be in the form of extra learning materials, articles to read or links on places to look for more information. What happens when you need extra help. Make sure to find this out before paying your money and signing up.


4. Is the course aligned with a reputable institution and/or does the organisation behind the course have relevant qualifications and experience? Was the course developed by an experienced online learning designer? Internet searches can be your best friend when trying to establish the credibility of an organisation.


5. What do other people say about the course? Check for reviews and recommendations. You can tell a lot from what people say. Remember there will be overly satisfied as well as overly dissatisfied students.





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