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How to log into a site

Ok, this isn’t strictly an elearning question but it is a question I have frequently asked.


Have you ever opened your site and it doesn’t open up the dashboard (where you can get into the back end), instead you see what everyone else sees?  How do you get to the WordPress login page?


Yes, most of us are not completely techie and can get stuck on the ‘outside’ of our websites.


Here’s what to do:

Write this into your search engine, where it says ‘yourdomainname’ write the name of your websites domain.  This is the WordPress login URL.


You will get a log in page that looks like this:



BOOKMARK THIS PAGE – so you can easily find the log in next time.

Enter your username and your password and, voila, you will be in your dashboard.



– if you have any ‘how to’s’ or ‘what is’ questions that you want answers to, please just me know.  You can contact me directly.


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