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How to use Glogster (graphic blogs) in an online course

If you’re not already familiar Glogster is a site where you can make online graphic blogs – Glogs. Glogs are a great medium for creating projects in online courses for both adults AND younger learners.


A Glog is a presentation page to which you can add writing, pictures, video, music and even

English: Logo of Glogster

English: Logo of Glogster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Powerpoint. You can upload your own work or use the tools provided. I first used Glogster with a class I was teaching in Bangkok. The students went crazy over being able to express themselves through language, visual and sound media.


How would you use Glogster in an online course?


Firstly, as with everything, think about what you want your students to learn. What are your objectives and how are you going to achieve them?


Here’s a couple of suggestions:


enhancing online confidence

Glogster is a fun way to help not so tech-savvy people apply different online tools


– sharing ideas using a visual medium

expand your thinking outside of just the written medium


– planning a storyboard

plan your next project using Gloster as a visual layout


– brainstorming ideas

get all those idea down in any way shape or form!


– compare and discuss ideas between different Glogs

have your students discuss their work through referencing their glogs


– bring together knowledge from different areas

pull your projects together in one place




– instead of using Powerpoint and Paintbrush

time to try something new… 


Try something new, instead of asking your students to post or email a written document ask them to create their project using a variety of media and post it in a Glog. Then share the link to the Glogs or embed it in a website.


Remember if you use images make sure they are able to be shared.


Here’s a Glog I put together in no time at all (Glogs are super quick to make).  This is quite standard, images and text, however it’s still very effective.


Have a go at creating your own but also use sound and video!


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