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ICT Education and UNESCO

UNESCO role of ICT in achieving lifelong learning for all

UNESCO ICT Edu Bangkok

End of May saw a gathering of development agencies and other global education decision making types (key stakeholders, Member States) at the World Education Forum in Incheon, in the ROK (Republic of Korea – South Korea).

Why am I writing about this? This declaration included ICT education (Information Computer Technology) as, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, an essesntial tool to reach these education goals.


What is the big goal?

The big goal is to achieve ‘inclusive, equitable, quality education and life long learning opportunities for all by 2030’ (see this link). This is part of a larger sustainable development goal which is all being addressed again in September.


So, isn’t this great?

Yes, absolutely amazing, however, it poses a few hurdles.  Providing quality education to EVERYONE using ICT education means that the potential of technology in education has to start being addressed and reached. This means looking at the quality of online tools and technologies and how successfully they can be used to deliver educational content.


What’s the standout problem?

Many people who don’t have access to education also don’t have access to technologies. No surprise there. This is the widening digital divide and is a massive problem to using ICT education for life long learning.


This means infrastructure and change.

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Aside from having or not having the tools, we’ve probably all been to a class and a teacher/tutor puts on a really boring video or gets us to do something using technology but with very little learning effect. This is common, and is not a wise use of tools. We may as well read a pdf online. Ineffective learning can happen online.


There is the combination or education and technology that is not used well and still very much centers on the teacher leading and ‘telling’.  Whereas, education in general has been slowly moving towards the student led learning approach.  This means a change process for many teachers to start teaching online using good strong teaching skills with support and with a student focused approach.


This may sound difficult but don’t forget how many teachers are there to actually really teach and do their absolute best for their students. Change may take time but what an amazing and positive change it is to help people learn.


See the full article here.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova speaks at the World Education Forum 2015, Incheon, Korea



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