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What’s your next online game changer?

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autumn girl on computerRemember your latest online learning ‘a-ha’ moment?

Expect that to change. The forces have united at World Academy to take online learning and completely change the game – game changer!

Consider the moments that have positively influenced you.  Remember the times when you learned something that you really can apply.  These are now moments that can happen from any device anywhere in the world. 

My most all-time memorable education game changer?  My favourite primary school teacher sharing photos of his (former) pupil getting married.  His influence was so profound and positive that years afterwards he was invited to his student’s wedding.

 It hit me, this teacher loves what he does.  It made ME love education.


What is a game changer?

A game changer is something that creates a shift in the current way of thinking about or doing something.  A game changer is something new or different, 3d character hold video game controllersomething innovative and something that stands out from the crowd.

A game changer isn’t something that just happens, it something that happens to YOU.  Something can’t change unless you, the learner, are affected by that change.

Large game changers are things that happen to many people stemming from the same source.  Think ‘internet’, the internet is a massive game changer, it changes and influences peoples lives.  It changes things FOR PEOPLE.

A small game changer could some something really little, a small step, that changes things for just you.  A small game changer might be cycling instead of driving with your body reaping the benefits of the exercise.  Game changers are happening all the time all around us.


Is online education a game changer?

The short answer is – yes, online education is a game changer.  Learning online has taken the experience out of a physical classroom and into peoples homes or mobile devices.  Distance learning has been around for years but the ability to easily connect has changed. 

The last ten or more years has seen online education boom – take off with a blast.  At first there was the idea of what could happen and a few tentative trials at putting videos online.  Then, online ‘classroom’ discussions became more frequent.  Jump forward and we have MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Alongside this the theory and pedagogy of online learning exploded.

The education ‘game’ is constantly changing.  Now, there is the potential of good solid online education available wherever in the world you are located.  Think ‘Game Changer’ think ‘World Academy’. 

People can connect and chat about learning experiences and can ‘change their learning game’.  People can positively influence others and also take away skills and new ways of thinking that can be used in their immediate surroundings.


World Academy, education that EVERYONE can access – this is everyone, anywhere around the world, any age, any height, whether they’re from this planet or not, anyone with an internet connection can access education from World Academy.  Keep your eyes peeled for the ability to connect with people and LEARN SOMETHING that you can APPLY.  There is still time to have that moment, that game changer.

The most important thing is the people who have positively influenced other people.  And… who wouldn’t want to be an influencer?


Now World Academy is going to make that possible – worldwide! 

What is your educational pivot or ‘game changer’, go ahead. share YOUR story…

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