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Open 2 Study – Australian Open Universities Free Course Provider


Looking for a well structured easy to follow online course that is guaranteed to offer well researched material? Open2Study is your place!


opentostudy logoOpen2Study is a free online course platform that hosts courses connected with Open Universities Australia.  These courses are all developed from Australian Universities and are made free to the public to access and learn from and even gain some virtual badges.


Open 2 Study started in 2013 and has kicked off strongly. Over 94’000 enrollments in the first six months over 50 courses and around 25% completion rate. That’s a huge completion rate.


Open2Study offers structured four week long courses. These are video based with short quizzes and a space to chat if you want to. The content is well written and easy to understand. The video instructor is giving you information and the quiz is a tool to help you retain that information.


The courses are very straightforward and easy to understand. Open2Study cuts back on the student centred collaborative learning approach that has become popular in connectivist MOOCs and lends itself more to a more traditional instructor led learning approach. Success totally depends on what you want to get out of the course.


My experience with Open2Study has so far been absolutely wonderful, straightforward heads down learning. I gained knowledge from the courses I have taken and am able to utilise that knowledge.


Check out the courses at Open2Study, there are more and more courses being offered and a lot of great information to learn!








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