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Ponder – the essential Online Reading App

 Ponder P

Ponder is the new online reading app that supports engagement and analyses in a super easy and fun way. Readers can question anything of interest in an online article and give feedback to the rest of the class. It’s a bit like highlighting text in a book and sharing that information. Ponder may well be the next big thing.


How does Ponder work?

The learner simply reads a chosen article and highlights anything of interest, a question or a piece of information. A pop up appears next to the highlighted text to add a choice of predefined comments. A concept can also be added. Then it comes back in a feed to the rest of the class. The whole class can see the text the comment and the concept.


Everyone can see what part of what article was interesting and in the same regard can see what articles just aren’t getting any attention. This could be any article, something used in post graduate research through to something used as a K6 inquiry.


The idea is to engage with the reading rather than zone off daydreaming. It’s not complicated, it’s very straightforward and is simply something that has been waiting to happen.


How can Ponder support learning?

– shy students may feel more comfortable ‘speaking out’ online

– great for inquiry learning, give a range of readings to the students then leave them alone to read and question at their own rate

– teachers/instructors can use this to further support or kick-start activities

– a great tool for assessment that isn’t bound by a test or exam


Students can easily learn to:

– analyse information

– give descriptions to information

– recall ideas and information when following up the reading


You can enroll your class at Ponder and download the app which sits in your browser’s toolbar.  Each person has a page with a feed and the teacher can opt for further insights.


Here’s what the feed looks like, you can see Alex’s response to some readings.

Ponder feed



Here’s what it looks like when I question something in an article. You can see the quotation marks around the writing and the pop up box where you can choose a comment.


ponder pop up on ponder article


Give it a go, Ponder is amazingly easy to set up and use.  You’ll end up using it all the time!


Thanks to Alex from Ponder for showing me the ropes.




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