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Scratch – free animation and basic coding software

Want to have some fun and learn how to make animations using basic coding?  Try out Scratch.

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If you haven’t seen it yet you must check out Scratch by the Michigan Institute of Technology’s education department.   Scratch is an OER that teaches how to make animations, video games and music videos using a basic form of coding. It is a lot of fun.


Scratch is aimed at children 8 years and up but I recommend it for everyone. Younger ages might need help with some concepts. The basic premise is that it teaches the thinking involved in writing code. It does this through providing lines of instructions where you can change timing or intervals or numbers involved. The lines can be moved around to make things happen before or after each other – sequences.


New animations and music can be added. There’s drawing tools and palates to create new images and manipulate photos and music.


Scratch is basically both a programming language and a multimedia authoring tool. Although most of the examples are games and music Scratch can also be used for any type of project including inside schools, museums and community centres.


A great part about Scratch is that collaboration is encouraged. People can use someone else’s creation as a basis to develop a new creation. Images are shared and so is the inside of how the project was created. No proprietary projects here!

The community can share helpful comments and support each other’s creations.


Best of all Scratch is totally free and can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms!


Here’s a video explanation of Scratch


Intro to Scratch 2.0 from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

Here’s a fun project created by Otterstar from a collaboration of many Scratch projects.



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