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TED-Ed want to be inspired?


Got a spare hour to get absorbed and be inspired? Forget TV check out TED-Ed.

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TED-Ed is an online site (platform) where you can take short lessons in almost any subject. We’re talking super short lessons based on fun videos. There is no highly stressful brain work here, unless that’s what you’re after, TED-Ed is simply lots of fun learning.


The lessons are animated videos of a teacher/educator using their best techniques to explain a subject. The TED-Ed team have animated the video, tidied things up a bit, and made the lesson available to the public.


There are some more traditional learning techniques to challenge the best learners. A section to ‘Think’ about the video with questions to answer. A section to ‘Dig Deeper’ and learn more. Then a section to discuss what you have learnt with others.


This site is great. You get to learn from some of the best teachers. I don’t mean the highest rated academics, this is from people who simply love teaching.


You want to teach a lesson?


TED-Ed provides a structure, or framework, that a teacher can use around a video. This is basically an online lesson plan based on a YouTube video.


Flip an existing lesson by customising the existing content. Anybody who teaches anything knows that you can find materials but they’re never suited exactly to what you want to teach. With TED-Ed you can ‘flip’ the lesson. This is taking the existing lesson and adapting it to suit your needs.


There is a place to enter course objectives, points to think about, questions.


Yes, you can choose any video and use this same outline to develop your lesson plan.


The big question – Yes, TED-Ed is absolutely FREE




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