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Top 5 places to find free images to use on your website

fiveHere are the top 5 places to find free images to use on your website. These image websites are all super easy to use, check out the list below.

There was no poll or competition to pick these websites, these are image sites that have been used by this website and other connected websites.  If you have a favourite place you find images from then please share the news.

Remember, some people want you to attribute, or say ‘thanks’, for letting you use their images.  To learn more about sharing online resources read this article.  If you’re looking for music to use on your project check out this article.


1. Compfight

Compfight searches Flickr for images. There is a search field to enter your term and related images are found. Compfight has a very easy to use interface. On the left hand side you can choose to search by license with Creative Commons being one of the choices. Most images ask you to give credit by pasting html into your web page.

Photo Credit: Sean Molin Photography via Compfight cc

photographer compfight


2. Openclipart

Open Clip Art is a collection of vector drawn images that are online to be shared. This site is developed as a community where people can both upload and download images. The site was developed by the guys who put together Inkscape, a linux vector based drawing program. Open Clip Art has over 50’000 images free to download.  Look for the .png file format otherwise the images will be in .svg, a vector format. The ‘5‘ at the top of this post is from Open Clip Art.



3. Getty Images

Getty Images is an American stock photo agency with over 80 million still photos. You may have seen images in magazines or various other places attributed to Getty Images. Now there is a portion of their images that are available to be embedded freely on websites. Go to their site, search for an image and look to see if it has an embed code. If it does you can embed this in your site. Remember this is not the same as uploading an image to a website, it is forming a link to the original which makes it appear on your site.

If you are using the image commercially you will have to pay.

Getty images embed:

4. Free Digital Photos

Free digital Photos has tens of thousands of images available for free download as long as it’s not for commercial use. The free download size is small, which is suitable for most blogs, and if you want a larger image size there will be a cost involved. If using the free size you must credit the artist. Independent artists contribute to the galleries, it’s a great way for people to get their images in the public domain and to make some cash for their work if someone wants to use the larger size.

Image courtesy of [Boians Cho Joo Young] /

Green Camera Free Photo Images free digital photos1

5. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a database of over 20 million freely usable media files to which anyone can both use and contribute. The database here is large and when exploring this site for the first time it’s best to follow the prompts and take your time to explore. Images will require attribution. There are categories and topics but you can easily put a word in the search box. Make sure you scroll down the screen, there is more information that what first appears.

This image is by Stefan Krause, Germany (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons

wikimedia commons






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