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Top places to find free music



Where do you go to find good free music to use online? Music can be the one element that is difficult to find. Have a look through the sites below to find the perfect free music to use on your project.



Whatever music you use make sure that you read the conditions set out by the owner of the music. Some people want you to attribute, or say ‘thanks’, for letting you use their music, some people want a link to their site or a like on their Facebook site. Some people require you to buy their music if you’re using it for commercial purposes. Some people encourage others to use, share, make copies and change their music.


Keep an eye out for music labelled ‘No Derivative Works’. This means that you cannot change anything about the music, not even changing it to match the speed of your video. It is extremely important to read the conditions that let you use the music.


digccmixterDig CCMixter

Music with Creative Commons licensing. Made by a community of artists and collaborators. Check the licensing drop down on the right to pick the correct music for your commercial venture.


Free Music ArchiveFree Music Archive

Thre Free Music Archive (FMA) works like a library of music that you can legally download. Check the complete uses determined by the people who hold the rights to each piece of music.

FMA is directed by WFMU, an independent community radio station based in New Jersey.



Open community of music authors, Jamendo claims to be: “the world’s largest digital service for free music”. Check the licensing on the pieces you use as you may be required to pay for commercial use or if you want to alter the music. Jamendo has streaming, dowloads, apps, and feeds with more information on the artists.



Musopen is a Californian based non profit whose mission is to ‘set music free’. On the site there are recordings, sheet music and textbooks provided for free to the public. Musopen are on kickstarter and raise money to fund classical music recording that are released on the open domain.



Vimeo is well known for hosting videos but it also hosts music and makes it available to the public under different licenses. Most of the music requires credit to the artist. You can search by music description.



SoundCloud is already popular for artists wanting to share their music but it also has a creative commons section to download and use tracks. Go to the creative commons group  and look through the tracks. There are also some accounts that share music.



Free sound is a database of audio snippets, samples and recording all released under creative commons to allow reuse. Collaborators can upload and download sounds and browse using keywords. There are all sorts of sounds, from dripping taps to electronic spinning.



Incompetech makes available royalty free music for download and in some cases. This site is easy to search using genre and the feel of the music. Pieces are licensed under creative commons making it free to use them as long as you give credit to the author. If you want to use a piece without giving credit there is an option to pay for the music.



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