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What’s up with Google Glass – infographic


Google Glass is hanging around on the periphery about to become mainstream. How could it help education?


What is Google Glass? Wearable technology. Wrap around frames (like glasses) with a microchip that allows you to see information like a pop up screen directly in front of you. No computer screens. Google Glass recognises the scene in front of you to help with navigation, photos, movies, tips for what you might be looking at and other things that you might want. Google Glass connects with google software (and other apps) such as hangouts and maps. Very exciting.

You might have come across something similar in science fiction.


A few cons:

– you have to speak into it. Do people want to talk to their glasses? Imagine sitting on the bus and taking a photo. All the people around you know exactly what you’re doing.

– It might be a few years before its affordable for most people to buy.


Does Google Glass do anything different from a phone? That would depend on how you use it. See the infographic below to have a brainstorm.


I like the uses in distance education and for feeding information back from the learner to the teacher.


Thanks to Open Colleges Australia for sending me through the link.


Google-Glass in education infographic





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