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Why I LOVE Online Learning – Three Perfect Reasons

This isn’t a support article and isn’t a latest happHearts On Computer Screen Showing Online Datingenings article, this is a plain straight out blog post on Why I love Online Learning.

So, why is that?

1. Online Learning unites people. You do not have to be in the same city, the same town or even the same country or time zone but you get to connect with like minded people in a thinking environment. Who knows, there may be an amazing entrepreneur in Uganda who is perfect to work alongside someone in New Zealand. This distance working connection can be established through connecting on similar courses and sharing ideas.

2. Online Learning enables people who wouldn’t normally have access to education to build their knowledge through lessons and with tutors/instructors/deans. There’s no university near your home, if there was you probably couldn’t afford it anyway, you have work, family, time commitments. You can still learn through a high quality affordable online course. Just make sure you pick the right course for your needs.

3. Online Learning means people can learn at their own pace. The person who sits in the back of the class and has things to say, but likes to go through the information first, can do this. They can take in the information at their own pace and contribute. Not everyone is the person who shouts out first and not everyone can skim read something and understand it immediately.


Do You LOVE Online Learning?


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